Sunday Sup: Cheeseburger Pie

In our house there are winter meals and summer meals. But this one, the hubs asks for year round and almost every week. I’m not sure why the obsession but since it’s tasty, warm, and I can make it super low carb for myself with almost no extra effort, I indulge him.

The original comes from Emily Bites but of course I changed it. LOL You can see her version here.

Cheeseburger Pie

Preheat your oven to 375. Spray a pie plate and a couple of additional ramekins with olive oil. (use two pie plates if you got them and no one wants low carb.)

Pour a defrosted bag of hashbrowns (the fam likes the TJs ones the best) into a bowl. Add a three count of olive oil and 6 grinds of sea salt. Mix together with your hands. Press the hashbrowns into the prepared dishes. Leave a couple of small ramekins without hashbrowns for low carb. img_20160923_145104

Plunk them down on a cookie sheet and slide it into the oven. Cook 35 minutes.

Dice a sweet Hawaiian yellow onion, small size and small dice. Saute for five minutes in light olive oil, careful how much oil you use at this stage because when the onions are a little brown you’ll add 1 pound ground beef to the pan. Break up the meat. Add some Worcestershire sauce and McCormick’s Montreal steak seasoning to the pan to taste.

While the meat browns, put a 1/3 c of mayo, 1/4 brown mustard, decent shake of paprika, and one tiny diced pickle into a bowl and stir. Use a big bowl. Dice a tomato or 1/4 a couple of handfuls of grape and cherry tomatoes, toss into the dressing bowl.

When the meat is done browning, let it cool a bit. Just before the oven beeps add the meat to bowl of dressing and tomatoes and stir until well incorporated. Add the mixture to the prepared hashbrown “crusts”. Top with shredded img_20160923_204532cheese of choice. I’m lazy so I use a pre-shredded four cheese blend. Slide the pan back into the oven for ten minutes.

The boys decimated the pie plate before I could get a pic, so you get the bowl with a wedge removed. LOL

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