Fiendish Friday: Ickaroo

So I’ve been reading this fun Ken Jennings book lately, the book review will post eventually, and in this book he is debunking all the things adults tell kids that may or may not have a basis in fact.

Our our third date, I cooked for the hubs. He used my bathroom and didn’t put the lid down. I called him on it and he started to give me shit, why couldn’t I put the seat down, he put it up. I was aghast. No, no, close the LID, every time, before you flush. When you flush microscopic particles of ick fly all over the room. He gave me this very long look and then said ok. Knowing my hubs as well as I do now, I can practically guarantee he went home to google it up. He never said a word about it again but the LID is closed every time.

Jennings covers the toilet spraying germs thing. I am vindicated. LOL

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