Sunday Sup: Teriyaki Noodle Goodness

I made this one up. Seriously. There was a process to it which I hope amuses you. I was in Costco and saw this package of Adele’s Pineapple and Teriyaki meatballs. I have this whole thing about pineapple in prepared meats. I love it. Obsessed. So I buy them. But then what do I do with the darn things once I get them home. hrm….

Kiddo sees them and says, I want those for breakfast, so I microwave him some. Adele’s all precooked. Thank you! They are super tasty. I suggest this should be dinner. Kiddo agrees. And so the hunt through the kitchen for what I can add to meatballs for dinner.

Start some olive oil and toasted sesame oil heating in a wok over medium high heat.

Coarsely chop the white part of your bok choy after removing the nasty end. Toss in the wok.

Julienne some carrots, add those too, stirring as you go.

Give them a few minutes to soften, now add soy sauce (or gf tamari), fish sauce, and rice wine vinegar. Put the lid on your wok.

Start your water for edamame pasta.

Stir the wok contents, if veggies are soften but still crisps, add those meatballs, stir. Add the ribboned tops of your bok chop to wilt.

Add pasta to water, boil only 3 minutes, drain. img_20161219_191441

Toss noddles into wok, add Teriyaki sauce (I like the Soyaki Pineapple one, shocker eh?). Toss it all together.

Eat. Even the kiddo liked this one.

And, yes, I am aware my food photography skills are from hell. But my food is heavenly.

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