Book Review: Kill Switch

I had Kill Switch by Jonathan Maberry on my TBR shelf for a couple of weeks waiting for a nice empty weekend. I knew from previous experience, see my review of Patient Zero, that once I pick up a Joe Ledger adventure, there is no stopping until the last bad guy gasps out his dying wail.

In the latest installment, Joe faces an EMP like weapon that works only for a short period of time, that terrorists are testing in the US. A weapon that allows people to take control of other people. Plague, betrayal, murder, suicide, attacks by friends, and over sized enormous albino penguins.

Kill Switch is delightfully long and complicated and just on the bleeding edge of science. Really nothing new for Maberry who turns out brilliant work that gives me night terrors. And makes me jealous as all hell, because he writes like I do, only much better. But I digress from the point of this review.

It’s good. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. The action is harsh, quick, and occasionally breath-taking. The psychological ramifications well drawn. The true horror of war is abundant in this one. And it’s not just that half the team dies, yet again. It’s what happens to those who are left. I don’t know if Maberry is trying to draw attention to the plight of our soldiers but he does an amazing job of it whether he is trying or not.

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. One weekend read. Always checking his name, every time I’m at the library.

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