Book Review: The Boy Is Back

If you say Meg Cabot, chances are people think Princess Diaries. Yeah, ok, she wrote them. But she also has several adult series books that I adore. (1800WhereAreYou, Heather Wells) The “Boy series” is not a typical series. The books are all written. There is no dialogue. She uses emails, journal entries, text messages to communicate the story. And only a few characters bleed over from one book to the next. Generally minor characters appear over and over.

The Boy is Back, I read it in one day. Small town girl gets an unexpected chance with the boy who broke her heart. Awww. It was funny, fast moving, sadly a little predictable. Maybe just because I know how she writes or maybe I just over analyze as I read now. But I still enjoyed the book. In all the boy books there’s this trend of misunderstanding coming between people. It’s very Austenesque. And in this book, Cabot fully embraces Austen, quoting from her novels. It was a nice little turn. Makes me think she might not be writing anymore boy books though. Don’t ask me why, I just get that vibe.

Then again Cabot often comes back to a series after a long spell away to provide closure to her readers. Talk about a win win. Give the readers what they want and they give you more money. LOL.

℘℘℘℘℘- Five Pages. Read it in one day. Will of course read anything she writes. I actually follow her on twitter, not that she’s very active.

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