Wednesday Writer’s Update 1/25

Greetings and Salutations. I am back at write in tonight at the cafe. Of course the first question I get asked is what are you writing. Sigh. I am again slogging through beta feedback from round 2. And again people don’t agree.

“I love character A, his story is so well developed.”

“I wish you had developed character A’s story more.”

“I really liked the romance between B and C.”

“The Romance between B and C needs more sex.”

“I completely felt and understood D’s journey.”

“You need more scenes to really explain D’s journey.”

“Dump the first chapter.”

“No don’t dump the first chapter, I love the way it ties in to the last chapter.”

Just shoot me now. Or don’t. Why should you agree on anything having to do with me? LOL

We’ve all been talking about classes we took in junior high and high school and whether it was coed forced or not. I took wood shop which wasn’t forced coed and I was the only girl.

Did you have wood shop? Did you take it?


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s Update 1/25

  1. Sod the feedback just do it your way! I did woodwork as we call it in the UK but then allegedly I’m a bloke … moved on to metalwork … made a horse shoe … a life skill I’ve still yet to use!

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