Fiendish Friday: I hear it in your voice…

This will be a short one. Not all rants are created equal but this one bugs the living bleep out of me. It mostly happens at co-op. I have a bit of a rep for being a hard ass. I tend to be a very polite bulldog. I don’t yell, scream, name call, or anything else overtly rude but I don’t let up if I think I am in the right. I’m giving you all this wind up so you get the scene in mind.

Fairly often, some parent I don’t really know or that I know just well enough to realize doesn’t like me, will come up to me and in tones of utter shock and disbelief tell me how sweet, polite, kind, and adorable my son is.

And while the compliment could be lovely, the rub is there. Their total gobsmacked confusion that a biotch like me produced this amazing kid. You know they curse me at night, “how did I get so damn lucky cause I certainly don’t deserve it?” LOL

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