Wednesday Words #2

With the editing of others: I finally finished editing that 105K word fantasy novel and broke the sad news to the author that genre standard for a YA fantasy is 80K, with a 90K max. She didn’t cry. I was impressed. She did start sharpening her hatchet though. I am going to assume that was so she could slash her word count…

With my own writing: I haven’t written too many new words on my novel. I am however operating like I am a functioning author. LOL. I’m getting reviews, doing interviews, participating in promos.

Emotionally: Great question. I think what it comes down to for me is this. The idea of not writing makes me sadder than not being read. Eventually people will read will me. Or maybe they won’t. Maybe I will always have just over average book sales.  I think I can learn to live with that. Maybe.

Topic for debate on my writing: To serialize or Not?

I’m considering serializing my spy novel to my blog as opposed to publishing it. I have two reasons for doing this. A) I feel like it will give me a deadline on my editing. Gotta make my post. B) I get to short circuit the whole, I published and no one cared issue.

Would you serialize, self-publish, or traditional publish? Why?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Words #2

  1. If you publish you should expect so see at least some amount of revenue from book sales, right? Are you generating revenue through your blog? If you are getting advertising revenue from visitors to your blog then serializing would make more sense, but I don’t have an adblocker running and I’m not seeing any ads…

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  2. I wouldn’t serialise as a blog unless you just want exposure. If you did I’d keep each post to a 1000 words or less … there is just so much competition out there for your attention … dare I say I tend to chose what to read on length! Bottom line I’d buy your book and read it … I might not read all you blog.

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  3. I sent a little short story to a magazine once. It had, so far two chapters. They replied that they loved the idea of a recurring serial tale (although they didn’t take me up on mine). Some magazines do, I think. So you might want to look into it.

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  4. I might serialize a very episodic story idea that didn’t fly with a tight story arc. The idea would be to entertain and gain readers for my novels that did work as such. I wouldn’t serialize a full novel. Too much work to give out for free *with absolutely no chance of return*. I get that my novels are not *likely* to give return, but that *chance* is worth taking. Like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play. If I have a full length good story arc, I want to polish it, publish it, drop in my ticket and hope it goes golden. You never know.

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