Fiendish Friday: Never bet against your mom


Since we watched The Force Awakens my son and I have been arguing about whether Ren died on the Death Planet or got off before it blew. My son insists he died there and he likes to argue about it frequently.

With my knowledge of plot arc, story line, and Star Wars, I knew perfectly well that Ren got off and would continue to hunt the Jedi for another 2 movies. LOL

So we bet, movie tickets versus a lego set of his choice.

The trailer came out…we watched…and look who’s stomping down the hallway….

“How much are those movie tickets gonna cost me?”

Laughing. About 13 dollars but it will be totally worth the cost.

Lesson Learned: Do not bet against someone with the odds in their favor. The house, or the mom in this case, always wins.

6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Never bet against your mom

  1. Back in the day before the internet, my dad made a bet with my mom on which of the Golden Girls actresses was the youngest. My mom went outside and dug THROUGH THE TRASH CAN to unearth the newspaper that housed not only last night’s corn husks and cobs, but also the article where she read the answer aloud to him.

    This is one of my favorite family stories….

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