Wednesday Words 5/31

It’s Sunday afternoon. We’ve had the neighbor kids over for breakfast and cartoons which allowed me lots of time to take care of things. That’s my preferred way to function. If I was outlining the perfect day it would go like this.

Sleep in till 7-730.

Enjoy two cups of coffee while reading a good book. Breakfast, dishes, a few chores.

Maybe a little more reading.

An hour or so on reading and responding to emails and social media.

A nice long work out.

A healthy lunch and then, bam sit down to the computer. Two hours easy of productive writing before nap time creeps up on me.

I am right on track, and the hubs even volunteers to take the kiddo for a bike ride and to run an errand we need ran. Awesome. Thank you, I love you, you are amazing. I am going to work on my book.

Then they come back after 45 minutes because they forgot the bike helmets, ok, it happens. But then they decide on lunch and to accompany the consumption of said lunch the hubs starts blasting metal. sigh. Color me fully distracted and on my way to a headache. So I stop trying to work, I play with the hubs and son for a while. They finally leave, all is peaceful.

I sit back down at the damn spy novel, thinking where was I? When a thought strikes me, a cruise missile out of the blue, a bit of feedback someone gave me months ago, that I still haven’t addressed. Agh. Do I finish the chapter I am currently cleaning up? Or stop and fix it the other problem because it will surely interfere with the changes I am making now. And then I think, this damn thing is so not salvageable. I should just drop it and move on to the next thing.

Seriously, is there anything more irritating?

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