Book Review: Cut, Crop, & Die

Why, why do I keep trying to find cozy mysteries that are worth my time. I have 2, count them 2 authors on my list, that write cozy mysteries that never disappoint  me. Maybe this is my own personal 2nd person point of view. LOL

Cut, Crop, & Die by Joanna Campbell Slan was ok. Heavily ok. I’m not into scrap booking, but there wasn’t an overkill of scrap booking description so that was fine. I think, I just never cared about who killed the victim. She was a horrible person. And she died horribly. Seems balanced to me. LOL.

Ok, let me get serious here. There’s some romance. There’s some life can be complicated stuff. There’s some deduction, although definitely less deducting than anything else. There’s some improbable bits. And it’s really clear who dun it, long before the main character figures it out.

℘℘ – Two pages, maybe 2.5. I mostly finished it out of stubbornness and a large dose of boredom. The kiddo was taking forever to do his home school work and since he still wants mom right there, I read most of this while answering which coin is a quarter for the 900th time.

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