Fiendish Friday: Gobsmacked

Before I start this rant/story I just have to ask: do pharmacists get any formal education anymore or do they just have to pass some sort of pill counting exam?
The kiddo got a bug bite at the cub scouts camp out this past weekend. Sunday it looked like a mosquito bite he had scratched a bit.
Monday morning at the ophthalmologist I notice a big red patch on his arm.
oh crud.
We’re at stop one of a multi stop errand run. I call my nurse on demand, ie, oldest friend in the world. She doesn’t answer.
Well double crud.
I grab a pen and draw a circle around the red area, noting the time. I pop into the drug store and buy the kiddo some benadryl.
We continue on. The kiddo is happy, his arm doesn’t itch anymore.
We get home 2 hours later and the red is bigger.
Triple cruddle.
I call the actual advice nurse who says he must be seen.
We go in, joy of joys, fast appt. He needs antibiotics.
We go to the pharmacy. It will be 20 minutes. We wander the store looking at the strange things in the “As Seen On TV” aisle.
The pharmacist calls my cell phone. Weird.
My prescription isn’t ready, they don’t actually have it in stock. “It will be in on Thursday, we can call you when it’s ready to be picked up.”
WTF? Did you actually just suggest I should let an infection run unchecked in my child’s body for four days?
“I’m afraid that won’t work for us as he has an infection now, not on Thursday. Can you see which pharmacy has it and transfer our prescription there?”
Slaps self in the forehead to keep from slapping the pharmacist.

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