Wednesday Words 6/21

Woot, Summer is here. At least according to the calendar. We actually breached the 70s once this past week. LOL

I managed to get 2 chapters edited but I seem to just be removing cruddy words. If my novel gets any shorter I’ll have to call it a novella. LOL

So question of protocol. I write under a pseudonym. When I sit down with agents and editors do I introduce myself as my pseudonym or my real name? Inquiring minds want to know….

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 6/21

  1. As far as I know you introduce yourself by your real name and say, ‘I write under the name, …’ or ‘I’m published as author, …’ or my author platform is under the name, …’ They would be entering a business relationship with you so need to know your legal name, plus it’s a ‘personal’ relationship and transparency is important.

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