Fiendish Friday: For Your Dog?

I recently convinced the kiddo to go non dairy. He’s already gluten free so I can feel his displeasure. I understand. But it’s better for him health wise, the continuous nose snot just wasn’t going away. But those two issues combined with my son’s finickiness means it’s really hard to pack food to go.  He won’t always take a hard boiled egg or some nuts. Oh sure he’s happy to have crackers and fruit but man cannot live by carbs alone.

There’s one protein bar he will eat. Epic’s Maple Salmon Jerky. It is HARD to find. I mean, seriously hard. One Whole Foods in my area, by which I mean in a 30 mile drive, carries it – sporadically. I’ve tried to order it from Amazon and they don’t even carry it. Let that sink in. Amazon doesn’t even carry it.

So one day at TJs the kiddo grabs this “chomp bar”. Grass fed beef. I nod, sure you can try that. Please god let him like it, anything to get some portable protein. He finally gets around to trying it and LOVES it. Woot. I put it on the list for the next TJs trip.

Which incidentally occurs on a Saturday night. Hey, it was a busy week and we needed food. The hubs was putting the kiddo to bed so I ran out to get groceries. And given that it was Saturday at 715 PM, I went to the closest TJs (22 minutes drive each way), not the one I like the best and therefore shop at normally(30 minutes drive each way). I get everything but the darn chomps.

I am standing in the bar section, no chomps. I actually ask a clerk…excuse me, I am looking for chomps beef sticks, do you carry them?

“For your dog?”

oh fuck. Did I let my child eat dog food?

“Um, for humans?”

“Well did you try the snack area?”

I glance at the bars behind us.

“No, the snack area over by the soda.”

Oh, ok. Cause portable nutrition should always be kept next to portable sugar right?

Long story short-

too late.

They were there and for human  consumption. I bought every stick they had. LOL


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