Wednesday Words 6/29

This as been a seriously productive week despite a few set backs. The kiddo has a summer cold. Grrr. Really screws with my timing. Especially since he has camp this week. There went 12 hours of expected alone time down the drain. LOL

On the plus side, I did get ten chapters edited. Having a sitter just a few extra hours a week is making a huge difference for me. Of course I am finding little issues. Things I left hanging and I need to decide if it matters or if I should circle the wagon to clean it up. Some are a definite yes. And I need to figure out some solutions. Other are still up the air. And I think I rush Talon’s emotional growth, so I’ve been editing that back. I need to give him a new arc. Good thing I watch a lot of house rehab shows. I know all about building a new set of stairs with a better run/rise proportion. LOL

I also gave up on 5 AM. It’s just not happening for me and the effort to do so makes me sad and tired. I don’t even need an alarm to get up between 630 and 7. That’s just going to have to be good enough for now. I’d have to get way more analytical, but I think I’m actually more productive sleeping in an extra hour and a half. hrm…..

What makes you feel more productive? And do you care if you actually are more productive or is the feeling itself enough?

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