Nano 2015 # 7

So I realized as I tried to write that I’m really up against it. I didn’t finish reading Police Procedures for Writers the last week of October because I got sick and now I need that information so I can move forward in my book. I have multiple not finished scenes because I need to know how it would be handled. And I’m really at that point in my novel where I could go completely in the wrong direction without some information.

So I set aside my laptop for the day and read, read, read. Lots of notes. ย I will finish the book tonight and be ready to write like the wind tomorrow.

And no, we aren’t going to talk about how behind I am. I like a little pressure. Turns a lump of coal into a diamond right?

6 thoughts on “Nano 2015 # 7

  1. and Chris Baty recommends when you get to those places where we need research that we put a big sign, RESEARCH. Then continue to write the story so we get in the word count. You know “No Research No Plot No Problem”.

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    1. Can’t do it. Yes I make it up for the little stuff and then check that later but the big stuff, I need to go in the right direction now or face a total rewrite later which I won’t do, which means this book will die. Life or death research. LOL

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  2. *starts singing “Under Pressure”* Don’t worry. I’m playing catch-up now too. Finished editing Friday, started writing Saturday/Sunday, and am now working on catching up for realz. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You got this.

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