Wednesday Words 9.6

I’ve been mad busy lately. A few weeks back fellow author, Dan, asked for submissions for an anthology he was putting together. He wanted to publish October 1st. Gulp. He wanted all submissions for consideration by September 1st. Double Gulp. And then the big one. He wanted scary stories for a Halloween tie in. Aw, bleep.

Horror is SO NOT my genre. I don’t even write SciFy which can sometimes be scary by it’s nature. sigh.

But I wrote something. Something in my wheel house – everything I write is vaguely a psychological study into human nature. All three of my CPs liked it. But on very different levels. Hrm. The hubs said it was erotic horror. K said it scared the bleep out of her. G just said she liked it. Hrm.

I sent it, fully expecting he would say no thanks this isn’t really the kind of scary we had in mind.

sigh. Guess he liked my psychology. LOL. I am in – with a lot of bigger names than mine.

You can pre-order the book, here, for 99 cents. It doesn’t get any better than that my friends.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 9.6

  1. We’ll be very different I’m sure … and you know Dan he would have made sure too … mine is only short < 1000 words written in a kind of poetic form … you know the kind of thing I do … this one a bit raw … the consequence of lust. See you out there on the 1st October. Eric.

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