Fiendish Friday: TV

What the bleep is wrong with TV these days? Seriously. I just watched all the new seasons that hit netflix in July. For all the shows I really like. And they all feel like they’ve jumped the shark. All of them.

Gone are semi realistic and bad ass fight scenes. Instead with a woosh and swoosh they pull it off and the Queen of England is pinning medals on them.

Actors are leaving shows because they make 10% less than another actor. Guess what, you aren’t the main star, you do less than half the air time but still get 90% of the money? But that isn’t enough for you? Well whaaaa

Gone is the psychological basis. The efforts made to demonstrate how one actually profiles. Instead we get episode after episode of how smart the big bad is and how dumb they are all acting now. I hope Scratch wins. You idiots deserve it. The only one using any logical thinking is the character who left at the end of last season and guest starred for two minutes.

I couldn’t even watch all of last season on some of my shows. They just went sideways immediately.

And then my beloved NCIS…really McGee? Finding out you’re gonna be a dad made you grow a pair so you’ll stay behind and die. Super. And what is with Senior guest starring?No Tony, no Senior. End of story.

Do audiences not want real story lines anymore? Do they not care about character development or substantial plot? I read an article this morning about how audiences just want pretty effects. And I’m afraid. What does this mean for books? For me as an author? Perhaps I was just born too late to be an author.


2 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: TV

  1. In my experience, the press on what audiences want is set up to prep them for what their going to get and tell them to like it. It’s all about the money honey. Paying good writer’s is expensive, and the network/exec types are always trying to get the public to accept what they would prefer to pay for. Watch the good ones. Quit watching the bad ones. Make them have to work and pay good writers again… Easier said than done. I find I watch almost no dramas or ‘real’ storyline shows anymore because I end up severely losing my suspension of disbelief. I’d rather watch Star Trek a thousand times since the concepts make me think, or contest shows since there is some talent or skill involved that’s always fresh…or just shut myself up in my new writing studio room and write my own stories that hopefully don’t suck.

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