Wednesday Words 10.11

Greetings my darlings. Much is afoot today so stay close because this blog is going to meander.

First off, I guest blogged over at Dan’s, again.   I was moderately funny and definitely baring my soul. Go take a look. Halloween is almost here, what better time to be scared, right?

Speaking of which….

If you missed it before, The Box Under the Bed, is free today through

When I looked we were the 3rd one on the front page!


And finally a few bits of news.

Ostrich Mentality,  my sophomore novel will launch in November!

It will be ready for ARC in the next week or two. Message me now if you would like a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Also let me know what format works for you? PDF? Kindle? Word? I’m happy to oblige.

The weather is turning cold and crisp. I know for many people this is when they hibernate. Not for me. I perk up when the weather does this. I am raring to go. Third novel in the works. Yup, third novel, in the works.

Thank you, thank you very much. LOL


It’s Alive!!!

Time to buy your copy of the (soon-to-be) WORLD FAMOUS The Box Under The Bed a collection of scary stories from over 20 authors. Many of the stories here are by first time published authors I hand selected for this amazing anthology. Others are bestselling authors who’ve already made a name for themselves, selling tens […]

via IT IS ALIVE! — Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

Wednesday Words 9.27

I am a crazy woman. How’s that for some words? LOL
Things are just this side of total insanity and I hope it’s just start of the co-op year drama and will settle down shortly. If not, well … let’s not go there just yet.
BIG WORD: The Box Under The Bed, the anthology I contributed to, is doing mad work on Amazon, in and out of the top ten and it isn’t even out yet. Our entries are being considered for inclusion in the year’s best horror. And you can still get it on e-book for the pre-order price of 99 cents. Yup, 99 cents. 
Corollary to the big word: Despite extensive efforts by our editor, my name was not working correctly as a contributor for the book. When I tried to claim in, that didn’t even work. So I had to contact Author Central Support.
They have this little form you fill out. You can call, snort, or email. As I am filling in the email, the little box says, are you sure you don’t want to call, less than a minute of wait time. Hrm, I have 19 minutes until I have to be in class, ok. I click call me. They call and put me on hold. Suddenly the average wait time is 2 minutes. ok. After nine minutes they hang up on me. LOL. I emailed. And Amazon actually fixed the problem within 24 hours! Note the date.
I am part way through the oral recitation of my spy novel. I know what you’re thinking, oral what? So I read my work out loud to my hubs who follows along on paper and points out all my mistakes as well as all the times I read something other than what is on the paper and when it sounds better. LOL It is time consuming but it catches a lot of oops and my dialogue is always better for it.  It’s one of the last things I do before publication.
The cover design is jamming along. I actually think it’s almost perfect which means I need to get my s-h-i-t together and write the back blurb and get new author pics taken. I want to do something fun that goes with this genre.
I am aiming for an early November release date. More on that when a few more t’s are crossed.

Wednesday Words 9.6

I’ve been mad busy lately. A few weeks back fellow author, Dan, asked for submissions for an anthology he was putting together. He wanted to publish October 1st. Gulp. He wanted all submissions for consideration by September 1st. Double Gulp. And then the big one. He wanted scary stories for a Halloween tie in. Aw, bleep.

Horror is SO NOT my genre. I don’t even write SciFy which can sometimes be scary by it’s nature. sigh.

But I wrote something. Something in my wheel house – everything I write is vaguely a psychological study into human nature. All three of my CPs liked it. But on very different levels. Hrm. The hubs said it was erotic horror. K said it scared the bleep out of her. G just said she liked it. Hrm.

I sent it, fully expecting he would say no thanks this isn’t really the kind of scary we had in mind.

sigh. Guess he liked my psychology. LOL. I am in – with a lot of bigger names than mine.

You can pre-order the book, here, for 99 cents. It doesn’t get any better than that my friends.