Fiendish Friday: The Library

I love our library system. 50 plus branches and your one card will let you check out at any of them. You can return books to any of them. You can download ebooks and audiobooks from anywhere in the world. (Disclaimer, I have only verified this from multiple US locations, Germany, and Holland – but close enough right?)

But like all things, it has a flaw. You can order books from one library to another one. They email you when it arrives and you have one week to pick it up. So, let’s pretend you get a notice that says A Wrinkle in Time is waiting for you at X branch. Your hold expires on October 11th. How long do you have to pick it up?

A) Til closing time on October 11th?

B) Til closing on October 10th?

C) Til a random undisclosed time on October 10th? (earlier than 2PM)

If you guessed A or B, you would be wrong. For the fourth time, I went to pick up a hold the day before it expired only to discover it was already gone. Grrrrr. And no, I didn’t say anything this time because the last three times it happened, the library told me I was crazy, in short. Basically, no that didn’t happen. No, we didn’t. No, you’re wrong. Sure, I’ll buy that the first time. LOL. And it’s always the same branch. When I have books delivered to other branches, I have no problems at all.

Something is wrong at that branch. Something horrifying. I am being denied books. Oh, the horror.

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