Fiendish Friday: The Big Hit 1998

Did you ever see that moderately heinous/moderately hilarious Mark Wahlberg movie, The Big Hit? Late nineties. Studios were just figuring out that a big name did not make a big hit on it’s own anymore. LOL.

Anyway…near the start of the movie a minor character is trying to commit seppuku. He’s all decked out in his best, on his knees, signing the traditional lament, sword held a loft …

and the phone keeps ringing.

You can see that thoughts on his face. What the f? I’m trying to kill myself here and you people won’t leave me alone.

I’ve been on the verge of quitting writing a few times now.

First, I just couldn’t finish a novel.

But I found a writing group that loved me gently through the process.

Then, my booked bombed.

I was so depressed.

But I was teaching a writing class on how to write and publish in a year and I couldn’t quit on my happy, eager students.

Then the feedback from Beta on my second book was epic bad.

But a trashy little short I wrote got accepted into a horror anthology with several bigger name writers. And the anthology did really well.

So I worked like mad to release my second book shortly after that to capitalize on that momentum.

Then I had to face the sad truth – without enough reviews you can’t get marketing and without marketing I don’t have a big enough fan base to get enough reviews to get marketing.

I decided this year was it. I’m releasing three books. If they all do badly – I’m done. It’s too heart breaking.

And now I got nominated for an indie and small pub award. What?

Fine. I’ll answer the damn ringing phone.


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