Fiendish Friday: I have a Type

Most women have a type, I suppose that’s not very surprising. When I say I have a type though, I don’t mean in men I dated. I frequently dated men that looked nothing alike. I was always much more concerned with who they were, rather than how they looked. My exes run the gambit, they really do.

But where I had a type, was the actors I thought hot. The actors whose movies I would see no matter what the subject matter.

Bailey Chase was one of the soldiers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not the one dating Buffy, but his right hand man. He’s done a few things since then. I always tune in.

Brendan Fehr is from Roswell. He hasn’t done much since, but is now in Night Shift. Still smokin’ hot. I binge watch every time Netflix gets the new season.

Michael Biehn, Aliens. Wow. When he tells Ripley he’ll kill them both if they get infected. sigh.

Gabriel Macht, Frank James in American Outlaws. Not the cool one but definitely my pick.

Jeremy Renner. Ok, he’s kind of a big deal now, I get it. But he was the bad guy in SWAT. The bad guy I wanted to get away with actually. LOL.

They all have certain traits in common. Medium brown hair, usually short. Strong jaw, usually with a cleft. Very distinct noses, prominent, one might say. Their ears all stick out a bit, just a bit. Broad foreheads. Sound like anyone?


It appears I was looking for you before I knew you. Happy 40th Birthday, My Love!

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