Wednesday Words: 4.25

Howdy, howdy. It’s Wednesday. Do you know what that means? You have a couple of days left to vote for Ostrich Mentality in the Suspense/Thriller category for a RONE award. Aren’t you excited you didn’t miss it?

What? You want to know why you should vote for me? Did you not get a free download last week and already read this fabulous bit of entertainment? sigh ok.

Here’s the review I got which nominated me for the award…

and here’s a bit from the review in case you don’t want to click over and read the whole thing.

An interesting take on a time period in the not so distant past, “Ostrich Mentality” is an eye-opening tale with a colorful cast. Despite being 316 pages, the reader will fly through this fast-paced novel, immersed in its intelligent suspense. The fact that this novel is not far from the truth gives the story a sinister feel. Overall, “Ostrich Mentality” is an engaging work of espionage and biological warfare. 


Best Selling Author Jenifer Ruff had this to say “Packed with insightful intrigue from the first page to the last, Ostrich Mentality has me convinced the author is truly an international spy.  If you like intelligent and sharp-witted espionage novels, you’re going to love this book!”

Did I convince you yet? Don’t make me use my international spy skills on you.

Okay, okay, how about this? I’ll make Ostrich Mentality free again today. Go download and check it out. Then head over to the RONE Suspense/Thriller category and click the little button next to my name.

Pretty Please!


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