Fiendish Friday: Actor?

Last Friday was the last day of co-op. I posted about that. And yes it was sad and yes I cried a little. shrug. I’ll miss those little pains in the bleep.

Anyway, 20th Century World History was my last class of the day. I was trying to shoe horn in a wrap up of the 90s, a circle back around to a speaker we had regarding Israel, and a hit and run on modern terrorism, plus a little presentation on the Bad Ass Librarians of Timbuktu – all in 55 minutes.

No, I didn’t make it. LOL

Anyway, I mention Dolly the cloned sheep, while talking about science in the 90s and one of my students starts telling us about how they are trying to clone a woolly mamouth now. Which I think is awesome but the student starts explaining how dangerous that is. And so I ask, what are you afraid they’ll pull a Jurassic Park next? Which of course he argues is already happening. So I say in total jest, you think I should drop my hubs and get with Chris Pratt so I can survive the dinosaur apocalypse?

Then entire class busts out laughing. Probably because Chris Pratt and their over hill the teacher is a hysterical thought. One student, however, says “You know he’s just an actor right?” like he’s not quite sure I know that.


Nope, still ROFL.

It will be 3.75 months before I get this kind of humor on a regular basis again.

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