The Body in the Pool Chapter 16

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Sixteen

Butch greeted Spence at the door. His tail beyond mere wagging, into full helicopter rotor mode. “Where’s Tess, huh, boy?”
“Tess is in the kitchen,” her voice called out.
Spence followed the sound. “Does she still want ice cream?” He held the bag as he rounded the corner.
“Did you go buy me more ice cream today?”
Spence nodded.
“You are a sweet, sweet man.” Tess kissed his cheek. “You must be exhausted. How’s the case going?”
Spence sighed. “Rough.”
Tess took the ice cream out of the bag and placed it in the freezer. “Leftovers okay?” She pulled several Tupperware containers from the fridge and handed Spence a beer.
“I love you.” Spence took a long draught, “I’m not even hungry.”
Tess leaned towards Spence, inhaling deeply. “Kung Pao Chicken. And you didn’t bring me any?”
Spence took another long drink from the bottle and looked at Tess with sad eyes.
“I forgive you. You had a mighty long day.”
“I did. What about you?”
“Nothing too exciting. I did talk to Magda Sugden today.”
Spence stopped drinking mid gulp and pulled the bottle from his mouth. “What made you think to call her?”
Tess smiled. “I thought I might while the days away by calling up one or two old friends.”
Spence nodded. “What did Magda have to say?”
“She invited me round for tea tomorrow. Her husband is super busy right now and I knew you’d be tied up for days on this new case.”
“Are you going?” Spence held his breath.
“Why wouldn’t I?” Tess widened her bright green eyes.
Spence set the bottle down on the table. “Because her husband is general counsel on the case we are working right now. Why do I think you know that already?”
“I had no idea.”
“Spence. I had no idea Matt was general counsel.”
“Which one of them called you?”
Tess laughed. “No one called me. I called Magda.”
“Tess.” Spence wanted to be mad; this wasn’t on Tess though. It was on one of his team and his team wasn’t here. He took a long drink of beer, counted to 15, and tried again. “Which one texted you?”
Tess laughed again. “Tom. He asked if I knew Matt Sugden’s wife. I actually had no idea who he meant until I came across that travel mug they gave the guests at their wedding, as though that made up for a crack of dawn ceremony.”
“Please don’t go over there tomorrow.” Spence crossed the kitchen to hug her.
“What if I meet her somewhere else? Lunch out?”
Spence held her closer and didn’t answer.
“What do you need to know, I’ll steer the conversation in the right direction.”
“Please don’t. It is way too dangerous for you to get into this.”
“Kind of too late now honey. Way weirder if I cancel.”
Slowly releasing his hug, Spence tipped his wife’s face up to meet his. “We need to talk about guidelines for this operation.”
Tess’s grin lit up her freckled face. She pulled her long red hair back into a bun and stuck a pencil through it. “Absolutely.”
“You meet somewhere neutral for lunch.”
“You do not eat any food that you left unattended. Pee between courses, Tess.”
“What if the mains come while I’m in the ladies?”
“Pretend you changed your mind and order a new meal. Drink only water and keep your glass way on your side of the table.”
“I can do that.”
“Do not ask about Matt or his work.”
“I have to ask about Matt. I’ll keep it simple, has he made partner yet? How many vacation days do they manage to get away each year? I do know how to have a conversation with an old friend, Spence.”
“I’m gonna kill Tom for bringing you into this.”
“You don’t actually suspect Magda of anything do you?”
“No. Maybe. Her husband worries me.”
“You didn’t like him before this. That’s half the reason Magda and I rarely speak anymore.”
“Really? Because I thought her husband was an ass?”
“It’s hard when one half the couple doesn’t like half the other couple to keep things balanced. It’s not like we have kids in common or anything.”
Spence sighed. “What’s the other half the reason?”
Tess laughed, “He didn’t like you.”
Spence shook his head. “Where are you going to meet her?”
“Are you going to stake the place out?”
“Maybe. At least have a couple of officers do a drive by.”
Tess rolled her eyes. “Hang on. Let me text her.”
My day went wonky. Can you meet for lunch instead? Dying for a Reuben at the South Lake Grill.
Tess showed Spence the text before she hit send.
“As long you don’t end up really dying for a Reuben.”
Tess shook her head with a smile on her face. “I think you’re being silly. I can’t imagine what Magda might say to put me in any danger.”
Spence could imagine many things Magda might say.


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