I’ve been thinking Thursday: No love

It’s schedule time at the coop. Never ending emails and text messages and mind changers and fuzzing with the grid. It’s one of those thankless jobs no one notices if you do it right but man does everyone see it when you oops.

Anyway, this year we decided to try polling the teenagers in addition to the parents. And we changed how we polled. In past years, it’s been a short little survey but this year we gave them a copy of every proposal and asked them which ones they were most interested in.

I hand the surveys out to the teenagers in my classes, because 90% of them take me. Then I file them away and teach for the day.

When I finally get home tonight and I see what they have marked as choices. It was sad. So sad. I might have cried a little.

Not everyone is interested in what I proposed to teach next year. That happens. I expected that. But what got me was a couple of my favorite students, don’t want to take me next year. Whaaaaa.

Yes, I have favorites, any teacher who tells you they don’t, either hates all kids or you aren’t one of their faves. LOL

It’s hard when your favorites don’t return the love.


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