Author Fashion

#AuthorLifeMonth wants me to post about fashion? Um…I’m a writer – an introvert who would dress in pajamas and yoga wear all day, everyday if I could.

Lucky me, I’ve found a way to do so…LOL

No judgements, but I survived mainly in Lularoe. It’s comfortable, moves with me, and their necklines don’t give the teenage boys who make up the majority of my classes, an unfettered view at my “girls.”

I wanted to have someone grab a picture of me teaching Monday in something delightful from Lula (picture=1000 words and all that), but we had a snow day instead. 5 inches they say but I swear there were 8 inches on the top of my car Tuesday when I tried to broom it off. LOL

According to the weather service, there’s a 1% chance we won’t get more snow Friday. Woohoo! Snow weekend. I better go get groceries.

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