Writer Friends

One cannot exist as a writer without fellow journey-men or women as the case may be.

I never found my tribe when I did Nano in Cali. Despite belonging to multiple regions and going to events, no one clicked.

Then we moved to WA a couple of months before Nano. There are only 2 regions in my reasonable driving distance. One was Seattle. My first thought was oh hell no. I don’t even know where this other place actually is, but supposedly it less than 20 miles, that has to be better than Seattle.

And it was. I have never gone to what is essentially an extremely niche interest group and had people be so welcoming. Rather than be exclusive about their tiny niche, this group is as expansive as possible. Teaching free classes at the local public libraries, forming cooperative groups to market with, and hosting 2 weekly write ins year round that are open to anyone who wants to show up and talk about writing.

Here’s to you, my fellows on the path…


Sheri J. Kennedy

Kennedy J Quinn

Victoria Bastedo

David S. Moore

Natasha McNeely

This is not to slight those I know only in the ether….you matter too. But that would make this post obscenely long.


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