Fiendish Friday: Public Service Announcement

The other day I was in a public bathroom and over heard a mother berating her child for peeing her pants. In the short time I was in the space I over heard two key phrases.

“You’re five years old and should do better.” and “I asked you if you had to go when we got here.”

Now I will not slam another mum, but I will say there is absolutely no research that suggests berating your child increases bladder control.

So here’s the public service part. I have a two part rule system regarding the bathroom.

A) If you are passing a bathroom, you use it. Saves time later looking for one.

B) If one person in your party is using the bathroom, everyone should. Saves time.

Yes, this is rather circular but if you start them young they don’t realize the circularness. And pretty soon they know Mom has to pee every flipping hour and “if I just go when she does, every thing works out just fine.”

Now why do I think this works? I have traveled extensively with my child, who has not peed his pants since he was fully potty trained at age 3. He’s eight and half now. And we’ve been lots of places where there are not public bathrooms on every corner like most of the US.

Just consider my two step plan and everyone will have dry pants. Smiles.