Wednesday Writer’s Cafe – Canceled

The restaurant where we meet on Wednesday night was doing some renovations this week and closed on Wednesday. Hrmph. Who do they think they are? The owners or something? LOL

So some of us, met at my house, had dinner, and watched Gosford Park.

Yes, the movie night we discussed last week came to be already.

I love Gosford Park. It is so incredibly subtle in the way it was written and then filmed. You have to really watch and listen to everything. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and I still caught something new last night. It is such a brilliant mix of carefully crafted words that blend with tiny actions to give things the whole meaning. For example….

The maid has been fired. The daughter of the house is asking if she is in any difficulty. The maid says apart from having no home and no job. The daughter repeats with particular difficulty. The maid placing a hand on her stomach says no. To which the daughter says you were always much clever than I was.

This scene reveals so much if you catch it all. The daughter is asking if the maid is knocked up. At the same time it reveals just what the daughter is being blackmailed about. It’s a short 20 seconds but man does it answer so many questions.

What do you think of Gosford Park? Have you seen it? Did you understand it? Did you catch all the undercurrents? Do you think Midi and Parks will meet back up at the funeral or will Parks immediately change his position? Enquiring minds want to know. Alright, this enquiring mind wants to know.