Fiendish Friday: Beta

Have you ever noticed when someone likes you as a person they never want to come right out and say your book sucks. They use phrases that when you boil them down sound like:

-I hate your characters

-Your plot is boring

-the sex scenes are pointless

-and I don’t like that you made the girl a bad guy.

wow. thanks. Would have been shorter just to say: I hated it.

So I get this feedback from my first beta reviewer and I tell my husband I just got my first beta feedback on the spy novel.

“Oh how was it?”

I rattle off what I typed above and he says, “Babs?”

Holy crud how did you know that? Did I tell you she was betaing for me?

No I just thought who you might ask and who might say that if you did.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.


What’s the most unusual way someone has told you your work stunk?