It’s Wednesday so it must be write-in time

When my husband asked how I felt about his being transferred from the Silicon Valley to the Pacific Northwest, I must admit I didn’t give NaNoWriMo a thought. I worried about finding new doctors, a preschool for my son, and friends. It wasn’t until mid September when the house was fully unpacked and I could take a deep breathe and begin the process of rebuilding our lives that I realized, NaNo was right around the corner.

A quick trip on my laptop revealed I had two choices for “Regions,” the local group who hosts all sorts of events during the month of November, from first minute write ins to word sprint days and the Night of Writing Dangerously. Choice A: 45 minute slog into the local big city. I hated driving there. It had maniacal drivers, San Francisco like streets, with a random sprinkling of one way streets and signs informing you not to leave your lane for the next mile. Too bad if you need to turn. Choice B: what seemed like the middle of no where. I had not been out to the valley on the other side of my mountain. But it had to be better than A.

Best choice ever. In the intervening days the Valley folks became my friends, my advisers, my writing allies. They shared quality information about speed traps, good places to eat, and their writing group.

Every week there are several write ins. I usually only make Wednesday night dinner due to the aforementioned son.

Fast forward a year, almost NaNo time again. My fellows convinced me now was the time to “develop an online presence.” They held my hand through this process as well.

Over the next 30 days I will share about my process of preparing for NaNo. The following 30 days will be the whirlwind that is NaNo. During NaNo, you can expect daily updates about word count, time spent, and the best line of the day. I’ll try to share a little humor.

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