It has begun…

Happy November First dear readers. I have been very nano busy already. Last night was the first minute write in. We had a little venue trouble but were finally able to all meet up, someone of us in costume. I did indeed dress as Lady Margaret Leighton, Molly to her friends. Since I eschew photos that do not involve a distraction from my likeness, ie a cute five year old, preferably my own, I will simply have to describe my costume.

From head to toe:

-hair loose and curly with a small section in a side sweep complete with crochet flower

-Very pale and heavily powdered face

-red lipstick, even though let me just say, every red lipstick goes orange on me

-cream colored jumper, grey two inches below my knee a line skirt

-seamed stockings

-peep toe, sling back heels

I had an appropriate black boxy shoulder, nipped in waist, 3 button coat and black gloves.

We had a lot of fun laughing on the people watching on hand in our location. Good writing was done as well as the very second it became November 1st.

Today we all met up at the Black Dog in Snoqualmie. I actually won the first word sprint of the day with 401 words in 12 minutes. Yeah Me!!!

Total writing time today: two hours and 20 minutes.

Total word count: 1876

Best phrase:  I swallowed hard. How to tell my mother this was not at all what I meant. It was impossible. Brigadier General Wingate always said we could do the impossible in a day but miracles took a bit longer. This needed a miracle.

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