Fiendish Friday: It’s all about the quality

Last winter our roof started leaking, in a couple of places actually. We had it replaced. But there was still a leak, a big ass, water pouring out a wall switch leak. Turned out both our sky lights in the living room were leaking too. I flippin’ hate sky lights but the hubs loves them so our current house has like seven of them.

Fast forward, we get the skylights replaced, contact the insurance company to repair the leak damage and start down a hellish path of delays, delays, and more delays. Oh sure they come out and open up my wall and use some heinous machine to dry out the extra hard wood my house is constructed from. That’s March.

It’s July before the repairs start to happen. There’s just holes in my wall for months on end. But finally the work starts. This chick comes out and insulates, puts up new dry wall, tapes, and applies the first coat of mud. Ok cool. It’s moving forward. And it’s a woman, who actually talks to me.  My experience with contractors has been ridiculously sexist.

They come back to finish mud, texture, and paint. Ok it’s on a crazy busy day because originally I was told they would be here different days and I cleared those days but now I have to take care of things that got pushed off on the days they actually show up. hrm. Ok, ok, maybe there was just miscommunication between the contractor and the insurance guy. I still have faith. In fact, I ask them for a quote to do the exterior and the rest of the interior as that needs to be done this year.

I have to talk to the chick’s partner and he’s a bit condescending but I smile and nod. He gives this long speech the whole time we’re going though the house about how quality is what really matters and the over all quality is the most important thing. How if he does a great job on the walls but I skip the trim it won’t look as good overall. I can see that arguement. I can also see he’s padding his billing. LOL. I’m not actually dumb, despite what male contractors seem to think. He gives me a casual quote and says he’ll work up the formal quote and get it to me next week.

At 530 he asks if they can work on as they’re almost done. I say sure and text the hubs to meet us for dinner in town since I’m not going to try to cook in the mess. We go, have nice dinner, and come home to find them gone. And the work….um….well the mud looks like it’s rippling down the wall and bubbled in other places. You can still clearly see the replaced dry wall areas. And the paint is spotty, pitted, and all over my hardwood floors.

Quality, it’s all about quality.

6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: It’s all about the quality

  1. Got a leaking roof too and already paid for two alleged quality repairs – now a surveyor says water coming from the ground – when it rains! Here’s hoping you hang your contractors out to dry!

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  2. Yeah, it’s like avoiding the person who without solicitation or mention of the subject says, ‘I’m super honest, you don’t have to worry about me ripping you off.’ If they are honest, why would they even be thinking about it?
    Sorry it’s been a pain.

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