A long, long time ago when I was not so old you know

Well that week went by in a blink. Yowzers. Where did the days go? Ok I actually know where the days went.

Monday night my Father in Law arrived for a week long stay. The week leading up to our annual Christmas Party. Now I am constitutionally incapable of throwing a simply party. If I have a party, it is a PARTY.

So while I spent Tuesday with my Father in Law helping him with the myriad of technological issues he builds up between visits and Wednesday on the couch reading an entire book while my FIL took my son out for the day (oh heaven).

I spent Thursday culling recipes, assembling lists, and shopping. I spent Friday prep cooking and baking. Then Saturday morning cleaning and finish cooking for the afternoon event. I made ten mini ginger bread houses so each child in attendance could make their own. I will never make ginger bread again. It is evil.

I made 6 dozen sugar cookies for people to frost. Three dozen melted snowman cookies for people to decorate.

Then there was the real food. Don’t get me started on that.

Sunday we rode the Christmas train from North Bend to Snoqualmie.


It was our first time, given we haven’t lived here all that long. What a good time. Although my cookies were definitely better. LOL.

Amusing notes from the week:

Thursday morning was the first Parent Teacher Conference for the kiddo. He’s in kinder this year. His report card was completely what we expected and so was the conference with one notable exception. Apparently when they have choice Henry always goes to “write a story.” At this age they draw a picture and then make squiggles or some letters below the picture to tell the story. When I brought them home and asked my son to tell me the story with each one he did for the most part but then on one booklet he flipped through it, looked at his squiggles, and then said “I know I wrote this story, but I have no idea what’s going on in it.”

All I could think was, “you get that from me kiddo” and then “Future Nanowrimo winner, right here.” It makes me want to cry just a smidge. He’s always been a technological genius, just like his daddy. It’s nice to see him with a bit of me.

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