Fiendish Friday: The REAL Washington Weather

Whenever someone hears I’m living in Washington I always always get the follow up…

“how do you live in all that rain, I couldn’t do it.”

sigh. Yes, it supposedly rains 300 days a year in this state. Which is true. Except….

90-95% of that rain happens at night. So what they should really say is we get 275 nights of rain and 25 days. And to someone who loves the sound of rain on her roof, heaven.

The real problem with Washington Weather is the schizophrenia. Stay with me here.

It’s the second week of August. Wednesday I wore jeans, a tee shirt, a sweater, and a scarf. I eventually took the sweater off around 4 but only because I was home.  Friday I wore a sun dress and baked in 93 degrees.

I’m telling you Washington weather needs some medication. Lithium perhaps?


6 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: The REAL Washington Weather

  1. Hey! Number one rule about Washington Weather – we don’t tell others about Washington Weather! (smile) Some say sunny summers are like Sasquatch – seldom seen, so seldom believed.

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