Sad and Lonely, sad and lonely

won’t some sweet nano come back to me…..

I miss it. I do. I don’t know what to do with myself this morning without my Tuesday morning write in.

I had all these plans for this week. I was going to take this week off writing and get everything ready for our Christmas party on Saturday. I was going to run all of the accumulated goods to the various charities I donate to. I was going to finish all the small gifts I am crocheting for all my son’s girlfriends this week.

Instead what happened? Sunday night after I posted my blog, said I was done and was ready to put it aside for a bit, I laid in bed thinking of scenes I wanted to add, of research I still needed to do, and I almost got right back up again.

So yesterday I wrote. Just a little because I simply could not get through the day without opening my document.

And I have to wonder, does this mean I am on to something good with this novel or that I’m an addict?

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