Fun with Words

It’s Wednesday night write in time. I finally made it back to the writers cafe. Two weeks no cafe was painful. But I’m back. Deep sigh of satisfaction.

And tonight I decided to work on my novel title. I got no good suggestion from you all so I was forced to irritate my friends until I got some research ideas.

First I googled famous world war 2 poems and pulled a selection of lines from those. Then I read all of Churchill’s famous speeches from the war and pulled some lines from there.

Then I read all the options and waited while people critiqued each one. These critiques have really helped me start to come up with a list of possibilities that are my own. Although my favorite is already a published titled. But still I have a list to start from.

Woohoo! This is only one of the many many reasons I love my writers group. So love and a shout out to Sno Valley Writes. Check them out here.

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