Wednesday Writer’s Update 12/7

It’s December, how did that happen?

So I failed Nano this year. I did not finish my edits by the end of November. However, thanks to an unexpected snow day Monday, I did finish my edits and my spy novel is out to reader feedback. Now I just need a name for it. Feel free to suggest some. The guests at my Sinterklaas party certainly did. LOL.

99% Lethal. Although that one might have economical/political overtones I don’t mean to imply.

Goldie Pox and the 3 Spies. My book isn’t really a comedy though.

Anyway, I am glad to have a few weeks break because there is baking and present wrapping and shipping and parties and friends (who’ve been way too neglected) to lavish with a little time.

How about you? How was your nano? What’s your holiday plan? Any snow for you yet?

Stupid Grin on my face

I drove home from the cafe last night with one of those perma grins that don’t feel fake on my face. In fact, I’m still grinning now as I type this.

See after the title research and debate, I settled on a title, no I’m not sharing now, you can wait. Then I started negotiations with the woman I wanted to handle my cover design and art. Not only was she super excited about the project but we were totally on the same thought plane about it. We spent about 2 hours hammering out all the initial issues and the design is on it’s way to form and function.

It was on the long drive home that it hit me. I am going to publish. Why designing the cover art should make me feel that way when writing the novel, editing the novel, sending it out for beta, etc didn’t make me feel it, I couldn’t say.

I am going to publish. Let that sit for a moment.

I am going to jump the chasm between hobbyist writer and published author. How flipping cool is that?

Fun with Words

It’s Wednesday night write in time. I finally made it back to the writers cafe. Two weeks no cafe was painful. But I’m back. Deep sigh of satisfaction.

And tonight I decided to work on my novel title. I got no good suggestion from you all so I was forced to irritate my friends until I got some research ideas.

First I googled famous world war 2 poems and pulled a selection of lines from those. Then I read all of Churchill’s famous speeches from the war and pulled some lines from there.

Then I read all the options and waited while people critiqued each one. These critiques have really helped me start to come up with a list of possibilities that are my own. Although my favorite is already a published titled. But still I have a list to start from.

Woohoo! This is only one of the many many reasons I love my writers group. So love and a shout out to Sno Valley Writes. Check them out here.

What is in a name?

A rose by any other word would smell as sweet? Shakespeare asserts it would, but I’m not sure I’m buying that. In fact, I’m pretty sure if a rose was named skunkrot no one would realize it smelled sweet because who wants to smell skunkrot?

Not me.

Hence the problem of no name for my book.

I have no name for my book. According to beta readers it’s awesome. One woman complained she was compelled to continue reading on the airplane home from spring break despite everyone else on the flight sleeping because it was that good.

A book with that sort of press, needs a name worthy of it.

Help me, please.

Set in 1945 London. Main character is an ex Queen Alexandra Royal Military Nurse. She writes a screen play as a ruse to get close to a soldier she thinks she fell in love with while nursing him during the war. Hyjinks ensue. Main character must discover all the things about herself she had no idea were lurking beneath her own skin.

My nano child of yesteryear (2014 to be exact) must see the light of publishing this year and to do so it needs a name for the birth certificate. Give me your suggestions. Off the top of your head. Well thought out. 50 names you would never use for your own book. I don’t care, just comment a suggestion of any sort, I beg of you.