Stupid Grin on my face

I drove home from the cafe last night with one of those perma grins that don’t feel fake on my face. In fact, I’m still grinning now as I type this.

See after the title research and debate, I settled on a title, no I’m not sharing now, you can wait. Then I started negotiations with the woman I wanted to handle my cover design and art. Not only was she super excited about the project but we were totally on the same thought plane about it. We spent about 2 hours hammering out all the initial issues and the design is on it’s way to form and function.

It was on the long drive home that it hit me. I am going to publish. Why designing the cover art should make me feel that way when writing the novel, editing the novel, sending it out for beta, etc didn’t make me feel it, I couldn’t say.

I am going to publish. Let that sit for a moment.

I am going to jump the chasm between hobbyist writer and published author. How flipping cool is that?

3 thoughts on “Stupid Grin on my face

  1. It doesn’t matter how many times you publish, that feeling never goes away. It’s always as exciting as the first time. Congrats!

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