Brilliant Read

I just read an amusing and insightful little number on Long Reads this morning. You can find the whole article here

Let me sum it up for you though….

Man leaves the internet, his cell phone, and almost all human contact behind to spend a week in a shack, no running water, no power, in the Scottish highlands. He finds himself on the edge of madness before he manages to embrace himself as a person worth knowing and spending time with.

I loved it. But then again for the most part, I love time without people. It was my birthday last weekend and people keep asking what did you do. I smile and tell them my husband took my son to the pool for several hours both days. This confuses people. But for me 3 hours of time all alone….magic. Two days in a row? Miracle.

My favorite line from the article is this one,  “or else, in moments when dystopian visions of us slowly morphing into robots feel horribly prescient, staring dumbly at a screen trying to remember whether I had any reason to look at it other than to bask for a moment in its warm, comforting glow.” I could relate to this. I find myself checking my wordpress stats page several times a day to see if anyone read me, liked me, or commented. It doubles if I’ve asked questions.

Tomorrow I will be posting 6 possible author photos for my book. You get to vote. So why not practice the art of opinion now and tell me if you’ve ever gone without internet or cell phone for a period of time and how you coped or reveled in the experience.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Read

  1. Well, first there’s the whole part of my life up until almost 40 without these things. It was just fine…pretty good in fact. 🙂 But it is hard to give it up sometimes once you have it. I usually jones for it for about an hour and then I’m blissfully unaware there ever was an internet… unless I have a disagreement with someone that I wish I could settle with a Google search. I accidently forget about my cell phone way too often. Not very attached to that connection.

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