Wednesday Writer’s Cafe – Special Edition

Good morning Internet! Welcome to my usual Thursday morning post about the writing I didn’t get done at the Wednesday night Writer’s Cafe, with a twist. I only got about 350 words written last night. That spy novel is just dragging on me. I like the characters, I do. But the plot is just wearing me out. sigh.

Ok, on to more fun things. I need to pick an author photo. And marketing photos. And maybe a new shot for my blog. My cohorts at the Cafe helped me narrow it down to six. You, yes, you, get to have an opinion too.

Quick Disclaimer: This is not the way I wanted to do this but after three hours of wrestling with the limitations of WordPress, my laptop, and my software, this was what I needed to go with before my kiddo self destructed.


Image One: Am I pushing you away or being arty? You decide.

Image Two: I’m too distant they say. Hello, I’m writing under a pseudonym. I like distance.

Image Three: Yes, my lips are too shiny. I’ll have it edited if it gets picked.

Image Four: We had so much fun with this picture. S and V thought this was the quintessential me. I don’t know about all that.

Image Five: This was debated. Heartily. So, some thought it was too blurry. Others thought it was arty. What say you?

Image Six: More debate. It’s not very authory. Like I care. LOL. Do you?

Vote in the comments. Tell me what you like. What you hate. Or just post a number. I’m easy and I’ll wait on posting my decision until next Wednesday’s Writer’s Cafe update. You have time, but not too much, don’t dally.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s Cafe – Special Edition

  1. I vote for 1 or 5! both capture you, but in different ways! 5 is an incredibly beautiful shot of you… I’d use that if you want stalkers…lol, but 1 is SO like you it’s my fav. It doesn’t strike me as you pushing me away, but it is more artsy and interesting… and I like that best! it portrays the real YOU!

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    1. I like 1, 2, and 5. But while 2 is a picture of you I think the person seeing it would have to know you to know what it is showing, which makes it a poor choice for introducing yourself. I think 1 may be the best but 5 is also very good.


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