Fiendish Friday: When I’m sick

I’m a mom so there’s no real sick days. Sure, if I was in the hospital my hubs would take a day off work to watch our son but short of that…

So there are two kinds of sick days in my house. The ones where I pop some day-quill and suck on a hot tea all day while handling everything I normally would, although with less of a smile.

And then there are the other days. The ones where I am so miserably sick that medication doesn’t even get me out of the house. These are the days where I eat all sorts of things I wouldn’t normally consider consuming because they go immediately to my gut. The days where I move from the bed to the couch and back again. Where my son gets to watch TV, usually with me. And if I’m really sick, I don’t even home school him.

Most moms are probably nodding vigorously, we’ve all been there.

But here’s where I make a sharp right. When I am this sick all I watch is HGTV. LOL. Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Flip or Flip, Design on a Dime, heck I’ll even watch old reruns of the original Love it or List it. (No love it or list it too, that chick’s voice grates.)

My son loves to watch these shows with me and guess what the people might do, talk about what the people should do or should have done, talk about what we should do to our house. LOL. It almost makes being miserably sick bearable. Soft cuddly puppy, warm wiggly kiddo, and Joanna Gaines not killing her husband when he brings home two new kittens and a puppy. Cause four kids, 6 goats, and a dozen chickens aren’t enough?

What’s your sick day balm for the soul?


5 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: When I’m sick

  1. Love all those shows, but also Beachfront Get or Lakeside buy a condo, or whatever and Househunters. I find Love it or List it entertaining. The people are always so mean to Hillary! I mean, geez, this woman is doing this designing work that costs umpteen for free and is only getting a tiny budget to work with and they expect her to produce the Taj Mahol. Meanwhile David is rude to the couple and they have to take it. I never can predict that one!

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    1. It always bugs when they yell at Hillary when she finds things wrong with their house. Like when the floor joist had been cut and needs to be replaced, their previous renovation, and they scream at her because now she can’t afford to do x. Yeah but now your tub won’t fall through into your kitchen. How is this Hillary’s fault?

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  2. My sick day balm for the soul… Curling up with honey, ginger, lemon drink (I’m sure there’s a better name for that, but that’s what I call it.) Watching Japanese TV dramas and sleeping far more hours than I would ever let myself on a normal day.

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