Fiendish Friday: Typecasting

I think I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have actual TV. I watch things as the season comes out on Netflix, generally a good chunk of time after broadcast TV. LOL “Broadcast”. Moving on. So lately I have been watching Hawaii Five 0, from last season.

The second I saw Julie Benz on the screen, I wondered who she was really working for. Yeah, right, SF PD is going to start a squad like Five-0. Sure. I buy that. But they wouldn’t send her if they did. Hello, It’s Julie Benz, she plays I’m your friend because I’m using you better than almost anyone.

Roswell: Topolsky – trust me as your friendly neighborhood school guidance counselor it’s not like I want to lock up your alien boyfriend so we can perform experiments on him and his friends.

Buffy: Darla – Seduced Angel into becoming a vampire. Enough said.

I’m pretty sure she was the bad guy in all the CSI episodes she guest starred on. She’s just bad. Every time.

Sigh. Poor Chin so easily led around by his…surfboard…

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