Fiendish Friday: The crack

I was mistakenly cruising my home “news” page on facebook. It was a fairly low politics day so I got to check out people’s plans for the weekend and what their cute kids had broken now…then I came across this video. Of a construction guy putting plaster into another man’s pants because his crack was showing.

The crack guy gets really mad and starts yelling at the plaster guy.

All of the comments on the video were about how it served crack guy right and he shouldn’t get so mad.

WTF? When did assault become funny and the victim’s fault? I’m kind of horrified by man kind right now…

4 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: The crack

  1. The guy was working, for Pete’s sake. Maybe he had a tool belt on that made his pants slip down. Why does anyone else care about his booty crack showing if he doesn’t. He DESERVES it?? Really?? I wish people would mind their own selves. Hurting someone by pouring plaster into their private parts is a lot uglier and more inappropriate that flashing a little butt cleavage by accident. Come on people. The ‘prank’ was bad enough, but those who cheered it on are cruel.

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