Book Review: War and Peach

Ok I admit it, I was sucked in by the cutesy name. I was. War and Peach by Susan Furlong is the third book in her Southern Girl series. I call it than by the way because she starts each chapter with a Southern Girl Secret, most of which were pretty funny.

“There are inly two reasons someone new comes into your life. They’re either going to be a blessin or a lesson.” 

Ain’t that the truth. LOL

or “If someone’s tryin to bring you down, it’s just cause they know you’re above them.”


Or my personal favorite. “Don’t be one of those women who follow their hearts and forget to take their brains with them.”

So, standard cozy mystery set up. Murder. Someone important or friends with the protag is suspected, so they get involved to solve the case and end up almost getting killed for their trouble but getting credited with solving the mystery by the town folk at large.

℘℘℘ – 3 pages. It was fine. I might pick up another one if I’m bored but I decided to devote the summer to emptying my TBR shelf above my desk and my virtual one at the library, little boredom to be found I hope.

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