Sunday Sup: Guacamole

Good morning! Today’s recipe falls into the category of “that’s ridiculously easy.” I would fully agree but people keep asking me to teach them how I make guacamole. So alright here you go….

I use red onion or shallots depending on how much guac I am making. 2 avocados worth? Use a nice fat shallot. Minced small. It’s worth the time. 4 or 5 avocados worth, say for a party, a red onion, minced small. I’m talking 1/4 inch square is not too small here.

Jalapeño. 1/2 for the small batch. whole for the large. or to taste. But also minced small, think 1/4 inch again.

Tomatoes. One for the half, 2 for the whole, or to taste. Chopped not minced. Tomatoes should be several orders of magnitude bigger than the onion and jalapeño.

Add lime juice. Depends on your limes and your taste, but essentially after you add salt, this is a basic salsa. Do enough juice to really get into the flavors. I might use 1 & 1/2 limes for a half batch, maybe 2 if they aren’t very juicy.

Now add your avocado. Just plunk it in there with the seed and skin removed. Don’t pre mash or chop or anything. Mash it into the salsa. It will make all your other ingredients release their oils and juices giving everything a deeper flavor. I think this part might be the secret. The beating down of the veg already in the bowl.

Eat up!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sup: Guacamole

  1. Now I want guacamole. And chips to go with the guacamole. And nacho cheese to go with the leftover chips. And maybe some beer to go with the nachos…

    Sounds delish!

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