Fiendish Friday: Nasty Surprise

The kiddo is doing a lot of new things this year. This week was his first survival skills class. I call it that because it’s complicated to explain and the actual title tells you jack. It’s a once a week, 4 hour long class, where the instructor covers teaches things most people don’t do anymore. Make a fire from nothing and keep it going in the rain. Go from tracks on the ground and follow them to the deer.  Built shelter with what’s around you. Find your way in the forest without gps. LOL

Anyway, I am on my way to pick him up from the first day and I’m a little worried about being late. It’s not like this is some school, where he can read a book if mommy is late. This is a trail head I’m collecting him at. So for once, I follow my GPS, which takes me past the high school.

Side Note: I NEVER go past the high school if I can avoid it because it has a 20 speed limit and I got two speeding tickets there the first 6 months we lived here. The problem is there is a stop light at the bottom of a hill and I always get stuck at the light and then accelerate to go up the hill and flash, 23 in a 20, 150 bucks.

But my GPS is insisting that the high school route is ten minutes faster than my usual route. So I go. And a cop steps into the street and makes me stop. Another cop is doing the same on the other side. Interesting. Oh they’re waving those five waiting school buses out into the street. Ok. No big deal. Why the buses can’t go out the stop light side if they need a protected left I don’t know but ok. Only after the five waiting buses go, they don’t let traffic go on the street. Oh, no. They hold us there until all 21 buses get loaded and leave the parking lot.

Anyone want to guess how long it takes for 21 buses to load up and pull out of a parking lot that they have to wind through because they’re all pointing the right direction to go out at the traffic light but aren’t using it?

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