Book Review: A Knit Before Dying

I simply can’t help myself, I see a cozy mystery and I have to pick it up. But give me credit, I often put them right back down before I even leave the library. A Knit Before Dying by Sadie Hartwell made it home with me though.

This is the second book in the series. I haven’t read the first. There were a lot of references to the first that I didn’t understand, so that was flow disruptive. Clearly, the main character, Josie, solved a murder in the last book but I have no idea who it was or who dun it. People are mad at her without any explanation, so I was left to assume their kin had something to do with the murder.

Josie was ok. Kind of bland. Actually that’s a good description for the whole book, bland. Josie solves two murders that are intertwined while running her Great Aunt’s yarn shop. It just didn’t evoke any emotion in me. Even the “big bad” scene was flat. And several times Josie refers to herself as Blair in her thoughts, before someone uses her whole name and you find out her last name is Blair. Which – double weird. Who refers to themselves by their last name in their own mind?

Why did I finish it? Well, I had it in my bag on a super busy week. And I never cared if I had to put the book down.  So it filled a lot of awkward time and it was vaguely entertaining. I did learn one thing though: Never put your name across the very top of your book because that’s where KCLS puts it’s bar code sticker and your name will be covered. LOL

℘℘℘ – 3 Pages. I finished it and it wasn’t offensive. Bland is the word of the day.


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