Wednesday Words 11.29

Today I got to see a review of my short in The Box Under the Bed.

The reviewer complained that he knew what was going to happen from the start and that it was all sexual tension instead of fear.

But it was well written. Gee, thanks.

LOL. I always though one of the hallmarks of classic horror is that you know it’s coming, you see it coming, and yet you are helpless to stop it.

Silly me.

At least it was well written. LOL

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 11.29

  1. As a reader, I would take that as a good review and would be interested to read it. Like you say, knowing what’s coming is legit in horror-it’s not mystery. Also, sexual tension can be terrifying! Any time you get a ‘well written’ you’ve done a great job! That’s awesome! 🙂

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